Common Questions

How many pictures should I have?

Depending on how long you want your video to be will determine how many pictures/video clips you should use.If you want a 3 minute show you would want to collect about 50 pictures and/or video clips. A 5 minute show would use about 80. That does not mean a 3 minute show can not be done with just 25 pictures and/or video clips. Extra graphics can be used to fill in time as well. It also depends on the music choice. If you choose a faster song, more pictures, graphics or video clips can be used. A slower song, less is needed.


Will I be able to view it before it is completed?

Yes.I can post it on Thankyouthought’s Utube account for everyone to view that wants to check it. It will put up until it has been viewed and then taken off.


Can I purchase additional copies?

Yes.Additional copies can be purchased for 35% of the original price. If you are a group, please go here for prices.


Can I post it on the internet?

Photo montage videos are put onto D VD’s only. Commercial videos are designed for your website or product promotion venues.Utube videos are designed to be put on Utube.


Can I use other people’s pictures?

The only way you can use other other people’s pictures is if you have their consent to use them. If they are pictures you have taken yourself, you are the owner and are free to use. You can not use pictures you have found off the internet unless you have the photographers consent.


How long does it take to ship?

Depending on where you live, shipping can take 3-10 days. ships from Milwaukee Wisconsin.


What kind of music should I have?

Choosing the music you would like will depend on the emotional feel you are looking for. uses Royalty free music. If you can tell me how you want the production to feel, I will do my best to find the most appropriate song choices.On the Choosing Music page will find a list of emotional feels that you can choose from and what have other people chosen for their videos.


How long will it take for the video to be complete?


Videos can take up to two weeks to become completed. Shorter if the video is shorter. In some instances, videos can be done quickly if they are needed very quickly such as for a funeral.


What types of slide shows do you design?


If you can think of it, it can probably be done.For ideas please visit the Services page and the Unique ideas page. Don’t forget to submit your ideas for a discount on your own video!. The ideas don’t have to be of what you want your video to be about, they can be about anything that is not listed.


Do you use animations? Are they extra?


Yes. I use animations. Some can be little items just added to a picture or it can be a whole background. For examples please look at some of the videos. If you do not want any animations, just let me know. Sometimes animations are extra depending on your choice of video.


Will you be placing the video on your website?

Sometimes, I like to share videos that have been made for future clients to see. If you give your consent I would be very happy to add your video to my website library.


How long do you keep the video after you make it?

I keep the videos on a file indefinitely. However, I can only make changes on a video for up to a month after you receive it. After a month, videos will only be able to be purchased as the original without adjustments.

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