Where to Begin

Where to Begin


First, decide what you want your video to be about. If you know what type of video you want, great! If you need some ideas, go here

Once you know what you want it to be about,prepare for your memorial video/slide show by gathering pictures (and video clips) if you choose.

Go through your photo albums and your photos on disk or PC. Think if any friends or relatives might have some photos that might be helpful.

Depending on what it is about, make sure you include everyone and all the stages of the event .

2nd, organize the pictures. Put the stills in order with a label on the back of what # it is to be in. Please do not write on the photo.

If using digital pictures just put those in the order that you would like them to be shown.

If using video clips, number the clips or put them in them in the order you want them in the video and in between which pictures. If attaching a word document with instructions help, you may do that as well.


3rd…….. The music

A song that will enhance the emotional feeling you are looking for.

For information about music please go here

Don’t forget to include any captions you might also want on a photo. Just write that on a note on the back of the picture or on an attached document or e-mail. Special effects can also be added to pictures such as turning color to black and white, cropping, enhancing certain parts of the picture and and adding texture.


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